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Ali Engin: «Crisis is kind unexpected warriors who come out through dense fog»

At the end of December, 2015 the Brücke GmbH company was holding an educational business trip in Frankfurt for representatives of Azerbaijan's leading banks. Ali Engin, who was the main speaker of the event, have shared with us his thoughts on the crisis and its perception.

- In Frankfurt you presented your original workshop: “New business generation & how to become a winner in crisis”. Could you please share your vision on how new generation should look like?

- A new business generation needs to be elaborated as a tool by every business individual to invent different and original approaches on business making. Flexibility in thinking, visualization of future independently and creativity at every level of generation process are key terms on the success of new modeling.

Unfortunately, biases may hinder possible developments and stop the access to the new world of business models. Previous successes may be seen as a comfort zone which are likely to keep mind sets with in old customs and hamper situational awareness.

On the other hand, flexible and future minded business people will find ways to reach new looks in accordance with situational requirements in sectors. New generation will sooner or later have acceptance by new and open minded business tailors as well as academics.

- A big part of your training was dedicated to the economic crisis and how to overcome it. What is your personal perception to the crisis? How do you achieve success in a challenging time?

- Crisis is kind unexpected warriors who come out through dense fog. If we don’t see or predict the other side of fog and lack of courage to go in will eventually makes us stop and wait for our unforeseen fortune with no progress. Like those warriors, crisis also comes from different directions without any warning.

However, developing good understanding of our organization’s situational business environment definitely helps us to shape stronger and more competitive new business models in crisis. Key word is that keeping awareness alive. That provides new opportunities to be used as a chance and adaptation to external forces.

- What do you think what topics are of a vital importance for the Top management of the Azerbaijan companies?

- I may divide topics into four area of individual & institutional performance development.

  • Strategically management and planning
  • Leadership development
  • Individual model development
  • Team building and crew resource management

Those areas will definitely provide broaden perspective and insight to top management leaders on new business developments as well as ongoing business relations & engagements.

- In relation to the aforementioned, what new experience can you share with them?

- From the perspective of new global business environment, leaders should keep their situational awareness alive in order to align their operational decision making processes in the light of strategic approaches. That requires flexibility and speed on team resource management system as well as capability management.

I would like to share my following experiences that I highlighted below with leaders.

  • Instant decision making & team resource management
  • Leadership as coaching
  • Storytelling and new creative approaches on business presentations
  • İnnovation and Business generations
  • Value preposition and customer analysis
  • Strategically capability development management

- Galore of companies cut their expenses almost in all spheres. What do you think are the main business tasks that company should financially support in any times?

Main business tasks may be classified in three core areas. Those are customer relations management, product innovation & research, infrastructure management. Besides those core business, every company should feed himself in personal performance development align with company next business models.

Every company better to support innovative researches at every level of himself. Trainings, hard talks, business-modeling simulations and so on should also be financially supported to initiate new approaches for catching business opportunities.

Knight Blog Post
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