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Develop yourself or die!
The co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Wozniak will come to Ukrainian entrepreneurs!

Ukraine is facing a lot of problems nowadays. Among them, in the Ukrainian business, there is the request for educational events and this need grows year by year. The world is changing very quickly despite the situation in the country, and everybody understands it. All the entrepreneurs have to make decisions faster, keep up with the times and change the views and way of thinking. Ukrainian businessmen have already enjoyed the speeches and workshops of such eminent personalities as Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Bodo Schäfer on the last Olerom forums!

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How not to burn out at work. 5 prevention tips.

Every day we take into account the client’s wishes, we look for compromises with customers, take care of our colleagues needs but at the same time we are used to ignore ourselves. If to regard our organism as a kind of big company that has its own resources, fixed assets, working capital, it’s born in that from time to time it can be worked out. In such big enterprises as Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon “burned out employees” literally become slaves of their companies. On the one hand, they don’t enjoy their work anymore and are bored with it but on the other hand – they can’t leave their job. Even if you admire your occupation, it’s common to feel exhausted and lose motivation once in a way. In this article we will give you some tips how to be a happy person with adorable job.

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How to learn everything, without reading books. The leadership lessons from Brian Checky – CEO of AirBnb.

What would you do if you as a young entrepreneur had been thrown into the CEO position of the fast growing company? Or, on the contrary - you as an experienced TOP manager have finally obtained this spot in the corporate world? In both cases, in the beginning one would enjoy new success and dream about his perfect career as a CEO. And after the first impression vanishes away, one would realize that it is only a beginning of the journey.

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Banks Digitize a ‘Customer Centricity’

“Customer centricity” as a concept is nothing new. For more than two decades, banks and credit unions have lauded the benefits of putting people first. Indeed no institution would claim anything other than placing customers at the heart of their business model.

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E – SIM – would it change a mobile telecommunication?

How often do you use your smartphone to go online, check an email or your newsfeed? Lets me guess, probably sometimes even more often than you want it. And definitely oftener than just a regular phone – for calling. As a consequence, one is likely to choose the mobile operator, that will provide him with the best mobile internet conditions.

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Could a robot take your job?

Have you ever thought about the possibility that robot can take your job, that you will be no longer needed at work? If not, then you need to start be concerned about that.

It is not a secret that technology develops rapidly fast. Maybe even faster than we think. And as as soon as a new technological feature comes up, one or several positions are disappearing. Mechanization and automation have, of course, been eliminating or drastically reducing employment in various professions for more then two centuries now.

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Here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

Business moves fast, maybe even faster than you can imagine. Small companies as well as big corporations are trying to meet new rules and change themselves accordingly. Great leaders understand that in order to be successful you need to stay on top of the stream. How can it be accomplished? Start by understanding that changes are always unpredictable and require your ability of separating new paradigms from the old ones. Hope the rules below will help you to succeed in that.

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Transaction Banking: six trends to follow in 2016.

For those who still think that transaction banking provides commercial banking products and services for both corporates and financial institutions using basic operations need to look no further than the report from SIBOS, the Swift International Banking Operations Seminar, one of the largest annual conference and networking events for the financial industry that was recently held in Singapore.

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Lean service

The concept of lean service which is widely used today in all spheres of our life is rooted in the idea of lean manufacturing. Established in Japan automotive industry, the lean system is based on a systematic approach to the identification of concealed losses in the company and searching for methods to eliminate them. With its emphasis on standardization, product upgrading, cost-cutting and increase of effectiveness, the influence of lean production continues to grow.

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Anti-Crisis: 3 ways to reloading.

A crisis can happen in any company, the economic decline may hit even highly developed corporations such as Ford, Coca-Cola, Nike, P&G etc. Crisis does not distinguish the enterprises according to their size or popularity, it can strike when the company least expects it. On the international stage of continuing economic crisis, all companies are trying to survive as they can, applying all sorts of “rescue operations”. Let’s explore the experience of international brands in order to not only survive in the period of crisis, but come out of it with a big advantage and reload your business process.

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Bank of the future is built today.

Germany is well - known by its strong, conservative, longstanding banking system. But starting from this year it will also be known as a motherland of banking innovations and revolutions. The German startup which is called Number26 is creating a history today. They are trying to build a new financial experience in Europe and expend their services even further.

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Should men and women manage money differently?

At first sight it may seem that elaboration of money preserving plan, financial deposit and credit management, security papers injection, in brief, budgeting related issues are neutral, asexual concepts and have no relation to gender identity.

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How you can solve any business problem before it happens

The ability to solve the problems is one of the most necessary skills in your life. Regardless of who you are and what you are doing, you will be confronted with many obstacles. Based on the way in which you deal with problem it will depend on how successful you are in your life.

Although there is a variety of business-related issues this articles may give you some tips to find a solution of the problem before it happens.

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On the 29th of October in Baku was held a workshop for the Top – management of the leading Azerbaijan's companies on the topic of: “New world of management. How to build, lead and manage your business to success”.

The speaker of the workshop was one of the world's most respected lecturers, an expert in business and management - Professor Colin Turner from London.

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Новый мир менеджмента. Как привести Ваш бизнес к успеху!

29.10.2015 в Баку прошел мастер-класс для топ-менеджмента ведущих компаний Азербайджана на тему "Новый мир менеджмента. Как привести Ваш бизнес к успеху!".

Спикером мероприятия выступил всемирно уважаемый оратор, признанный международный авторитет в области менеджмента и управленческого развития – профессор Колин Тёрнер (Colin Turner) из Лондона.