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How not to burn out at work. 5 prevention tips.

Every day we take into account the client’s wishes, we look for compromises with customers, take care of our colleagues needs but at the same time we are used to ignore ourselves. If to regard our organism as a kind of big company that has its own resources, fixed assets, working capital, it’s born in that from time to time it can be worked out. In such big enterprises as Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon “burned out employees” literally become slaves of their companies. On the one hand, they don’t enjoy their work anymore and are bored with it but on the other hand – they can’t leave their job. Even if you admire your occupation, it’s common to feel exhausted and lose motivation once in a way. In this article we will give you some tips how to be a happy person with adorable job.

1. Slow down

The important factor of work born out is the speed of activity. There are companies, which have similar slogan "Be ahead of the world". This is a great place for building a successful career as well as for rapid burnout. If you feel that you are working for such company, try to organize your projects and tasks so that optimize the performance. Don’t run before the hounds, better-focus on your effectiveness.

2. Coordinate your work

When you are grinded down by the work try to concentrate on the things you are really fond of doing about your job. Whether it’s field observation, working with clients or drafting a business plan, take time to your аvocation. It will give the sense of contributing to the company and recognition of your relevance there. In case you can’t find any aspect that brings you the work accomplishment, step back and look broader to the thing you do, maybe you will find a reason to go on.

3. Get on in the world

The widespread work habit is to surround you with work 24/7. Don’t immure yourself in four office walls, get on in the world! Take your free time staying out of the work place. Use your lunch break for going out with your friends not for scrolling your Facebook page. During such breaks don’t discuss your work plans or problems with others, focus on something else-news, weather, hobby. Moreover if you have flexible shifts and some days you can work from café or park, take the advantage of the area change. It really helps to refresh your mind.

4. Accumulate creative energy

Joanie Courtney, Senior vice President of Monster advices to create your own list of energy resources, the list of things that motivate you and bring the feeling of comfort. It might be yoga, religion, family relationship, pets, travelling whatever. This is very individual and may include different points that will help you to save your energy outside of work if you feel burnout.

5. Recompense yourself

Finally, if you really worked hard and were not rewarded by your employer, recompense yourself! Write down the thing you have managed to accomplish and treat yourself with new purchase or hobby. You are your own cheerleader and the main thing you receive satisfaction from your advances.

Burnout is indisputable mark that something is going wrong in your career. Get around to overview your aims, ambitions and plans. Maybe you pay no regard to something very significant to you? Burnout may turn into possibility to reveal what makes you happy and change the track.

Knight Blog Post
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