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Should men and women manage money differently?

At first sight it may seem that elaboration of money preserving plan, financial deposit and credit management, security papers injection, in brief, budgeting related issues are neutral, asexual concepts and have no relation to gender identity. But in fact one of the aspects that complicate the business or family relationship is that men and women tend to consider the money differently. What is the mysterious gap in male and female attitude to finances? Let’s bring it to light.

Objects of financial expenses.

In simply terms, men and women waste money with different purpose. Both of them may invest equally in the self-development or business growth but when it comes to routine costs we face the dissonance. Annual research of Master Card Treat Index indicates that not only ladies spend money on "emotional" purchases unless physiologists remark that they get more pleasure from such spending. More than half of women (51%) and one-third of the men (33%) buy nice little things for raising their spirit. Europeans do not feel guilty, sometimes spending money on themselves, recognized by more than half of the respondents (58%). Men choose more expensive purchase: 24% of men are spending, for example, on vacation, or entertainment or gadgets. Women tend to prefer less expensive products, such as cosmetics, fashion clothes or pastry.

Emotions regarding money.

As far as David Krueger has concerned in his book “Secret language of Money”, for men money is the measure of success and prosperity, for women relationship and connections are in priority. It’s not a secret that women are more emotional in the money concerning cases. They tend to feel a sense of guilt in the case of loss of investment. Men are less likely to feel personally responsible and are more inclined to blame the market economy entirely or their representatives.

Options for investing "excess" money.

In such situation the approaches to the costs will vary greatly. Men prefer to invest in something promising to increase profits. Men are willing to run effective money management from the perspective of long-term strategies, paying attention to tax planning, pension savings and looking for the ambitious objects to invest. Women tend to manage the money in terms of short-term goals, such as the financing of individual transactions, maintaining a balance on your credit card, and a maximum reduction of the current debt.

Self-opinion related to money management.

Men are much more confident in their financial prowess and can make up mind for a risky deal, to prove his reputation. By the reference of such fact men often make mistakes in the financial sector. On the contrary, women are more careful, they exactly weigh everything before acting. Usually they follow the principle: “no safe wading in unknown water”. Sure, there is an exception in each rule.

It’s noteworthy that there were a lot of researches and surveys hold. Most of the results show that people often choose a partner (in business and personal life) with the opposite attitude to money. Of course, men and women have different strong and weak points. The best thing for both genders is to combine forces. We should let the men make decision concerning the aggressive investments and give the right to build financial strategies but at the same time female moderation should be taken into consideration. The combination of opposite approaches will create the harmonious performance between men and women in business and life.

Knight Blog Post
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